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Lean Manufacturing

At MAC, we embrace the importance of Lean Manufacturing and our long term business strategy demonstrates this philosophy. We chose the phrase “Lean Transformation” to emphasize the strategic nature of this effort. We understand that employing Lean Manufacturing processes reduces our customers’ inventory and business transaction costs. Our goal is to reduce our customer labor costs, lead-time, and excess inventory. Our Lean Manufacturing technologies and processes are based on Processes, Employees, Customers, and Problem Solving. The key to our approach is a synergistic relationship of all these elements working as a complete system.

Our Lean Ideology

  • Lean manufacturing processes reduce our inventory and business transaction costs.
  • Embracing progressive build techniques, standardized work, and pull systems drives continuous daily improvement and eliminates waste in every step of the process.
  • Actively identifying and executing Kaizen events improves cost, quality, and delivery.
  • A tour of our factories will demonstrate our continual focus on 5S. We believe that in order to provide a quality product consistently the factory must be clean, organized and orderly.
  • Lean Manufacturing is a journey that never ends and this shows our commitment to continuous improvement.