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Manufactured Assemblies Corporation (MAC) strives for excellence throughout the manufacturing process. Our entire organization is designed towards this premise and we pride ourselves on an unparalleled passion for excellence in all we do. Our quality policy is simple and straightforward:”Meet or Exceed Customer Expectations”. At MAC, the foundation underlying our quest to meet or exceed customer expectations is the MAC difference. The rigorous measurement system we utilize is broken down into three segments. They are qualified through strong process controls, detailed root cause analyses and the voice of the customer from the very beginning. Our vision is: “to be recognized as the industry leader in providing the customer the fastest design to market solutions through world class processes.” This ensures our customers receive their products and services when they need them, in conjunction with meeting their own goals and customer needs.

MAC has a Skilled Workforce

Assembling a quality product requires a skilled workforce backed by a continuous training program for our employees. We make certain that all our employees have the necessary training and the right tools and equipment to do their jobs competently and effectively.

MAC’s Standardized Quality System

At MAC we standardize our quality system through planning, controls, improvement, and variation reduction by implementation of ISO-9001: 2015 Quality Management System at all facilities. We ensure discipline and rigor for our New Product Introduction (NPI) development process with an emphasis on the “voice of the customer” throughout the NPI Process. Implementation of our best practices and driving for continuous improvement drives our success.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is one of the cornerstones of our ability to deliver high quality products consistently. The QMS and supporting systems help our continuous improvement program by:

  • Capturing data ranges from in-process defects, first pass test yields, and on time delivery and customer returns.
  • Calculating defects per million opportunities (DPMO), which is done based on units inspected, units assembled, and failures.
  • Closed Loop Corrective Action (CLCA) process in the 8D format, which is used when SCARs or ICARs are issued.
  • Tracking RMAs and RMA trends while comparing RMAs to in-process failures for root cause analyses.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

MAC utilizes statistical tools for problem solving. We use statistical process control (SPC) for key processes throughout the factory. As an example, we utilize crimp height measurements from the wire termination process pre-production run to center the process. This results in higher Cp/CpK values and a more uniform wire crimp. Along with SPC, we have an active Measurement System Analysis (MSA) process. Gage R&R studies are conducted regularly on equipment and test instruments. At MAC we believe in letting the data drive improvements.

ESD (Electronic Static Discharge) Protection

There are designated ESD locations at all MAC facilities starting with the receiving area through the packaging and shipping areas. Our ESD control follows the ANSI ESD Control Program standard. Temperature and humidity controls are in place where needed.

MAC has a new look!

We’ve changed our look and introduced a new logo and branding to reflect that MAC can now offer customers an enhanced range of capabilities as part of Compass Electronics Solutions!

We’re still the same MAC – we offer the same superior products and services, including electrical and mechanical sub-assemblies, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electrical enclosures and kiosk manufacturing. But we are now able to provide a wider range of services as part of CES; click below to learn more!