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MAC has built a reputation as to go-to source for kiosk needs. We build and assemble kiosks for travel, mass retail, transportation and hospitality.

MAC Process for Manufacturing Kiosks

All kiosks are designed, assembled and manufactured with processes that allow flexibility. At MAC we are highly modular and nimble; quickly adapting to technology changes in the kiosk industry. We follow Lean Manufacturing processes for efficiency and to eliminate unnecessary labor costs for every project. For customers without preferred suppliers, MAC provides peace of mind and simplicity by leveraging already existing relationships with many of the most reputable suppliers in the industry.

We Provide Experience and Solutions

Customers often contract us to assemble their unique kiosks. Often, we are able to provide input to our customers during the initial design. We are expert kiosk manufacturers and our customers take comfort in knowing and experiencing this first hand. We enjoy being an intricate participant from the initial concept through the final design. However, we also take great pride in being the chosen manufacturer regardless of what phase our customer is in during the manufacturing process. Most importantly, we like to reassure our customers that we are an extension of their company. Your success is MAC’s success.

Kiosk Abilities

Regardless of whether a kiosk is a new concept or an established product, we start by confirming the bill of materials (BOM), required tooling, test fixtures, and labor costs to ensure a cost efficient and competitive quote. Upon settling agreed upon terms and being awarded your business, we gather the materials needed to build. MAC then begins the meticulous process of assembling the custom kiosks. After a kiosk is built we install customer software and configure drivers to ensure complete functionality of each unit we produce. Lastly each kiosk is fully tested per specifications to ensure workmanship quality and reliability. MAC has built a reputation of attention to detail, efficient processes, and customer satisfaction for all variations of kiosk assemblies.

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